My Little Monster…and the heart healing glue

We didn’t get a great family photo, nor was there lots of perfect pictures that captured the essence of that day. But what there was plenty of, was heart healing glue for all of us there who needed it. It was up for the taking! 

We celebrated my little Zen baby’s second birthday today. I’m pretty sure I’m always going to call him my baby, although now he’s quite the toddler. It was pure joy to see his smile when he saw the cute monster banner I had made for him, and his cake? Adorbs!

I tried to be fully present at the party which isn’t always easy. There were normal things to attend to besides entertaining.  Like poopy diapers, reminding the Spirited Warrior to wash his hands, desperately trying to feed them something healthy before the sugarfest, and normal day to day activities.  

I tried to take it all in stride and focus on the fun when the party began. I was excited that it was gorgeous and cool outside, and that we could keep the sliding glass doors wide open. 

I reminded Hubs to take video during the gift openings, during the piñata knockdown, and when we sang Happy Birthday and Baby Zen said, “Yay!”

What heart can’t be filled by a little boy screeching with JOY that his big cousin came over to play? What soul can’t be filled by a few bites of homemade cake and some frosting? What sorrow can’t be forgotten in the moment where a little boy opens a present and his face lights up? 

For me, I walked in my moment. I enjoyed our family. I enjoyed our friends. Our conversations. The giggles. The sighs of happiness from my children. Even if for a brief moment, I stopped worrying, guessing, and hoping for something more. It was grace and love, all rolled into one. 


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