Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain…

There was rain this week. With that I decided it was best to arm ourselves with raincoats and go puddle jumping. That was followed by a warm bath and snacks eaten in the tub, while the clothes were drying…

There was a happy toddler who is determined to pick his own clothes out, regardless of the season. He will cheerfully say “catch” while standing on the ottoman and then leap to you just for the thrill of landing in your arms.

There was a sinus headache that tried to make the mama miserable. Even with Sudafed and coffee it insisted on playing right along with us. Oooooh, ouch. But we made the best of it anyway.

And there was a happy kindergartener who received mail from a new friend in Taiwan with puzzles to do to celebrate Chinese New Year! (See sunshine in back?)

Although there was not enough rest, relaxation, calm, or retreat for this mama’s soul—the silliness, the jumping hugs, and the excited screeches remind me that life is good, life is here, and life is loud.

And who’s heart isn’t filled by a somersaulting toddler on your bed when you’re trying to make it?


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