The end of summer and its beauty

Somedays there isn’t much wrong in life.

Like when my husband makes us breakfast and I get to drink hot coffee.

Like when the kids play quietly for a millisecond.

Like when we all go the waterpark and cling to each drowned rats in a swimming pool.

Like when my 6 year old talks about angels and how he can still see them.

Like when my 2 year old laughs hysterically about something so simple like a wave pool.

Like when we all go to sushi and they try new food and love to use chopsticks.

And then when we all climb into the big bathtub full of bubbles to get smushed clean.

Somedays there are happy times.

This was one of those days.Imageand the sky couldn’t have been more beautiful or more full of angels…at least my 6 year old says so…



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