Downloading good memories…

We are in the business of downloading memories.

There are lots of pictures taken, lots of extra hugs and tickles, and a lot of eye contact around here.

In this nutty world, we are trying to go a little more low key.

A little more old school.

Less crazy new, and more repurposing the old.

Since it was Rowan’s 7th birthday, we celebrated exactly that way.

At home, in the backyard, with delicious homemade food, made from scratch carrot cake cupcakes (per his request), Batman capes made from T-shirts, and Lego crayons made from old crayons.

He wanted a Lego Batman theme, and since there aren’t too many things out there with exactly that description, we modified and combined the two.

And he loved it.

We loved it.

And it was simple, lovely, and good.

Just how life should be.


I don’t claim to throw the best party in town…

I just know that I love my family more than anything, and nothing makes me happier than to make memories that they’ll carry with them forever.


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